Joeri Perneel_CPM BelgiumIn the past 20 years, technology has truly changed the world: the way we all live, the power that customers have or the way businesses operate. In a world of continuous change and ever shortening innovation cycles, it’s fair to say that building a successful company today is a challenge.

We all know there is no fixed algorithm for success. However, with this Smarter Selling event, we will bring the future of sales into the present so that you are better prepared for tomorrow. There is no doubt that data combined with a wide variety of technologies will continue to drive companies forward in the future.

However, we at KreaSalesCPM deeply believe that humans will always remain the real dominant centre of gravity in the success of a business. We are very much looking forward to inspiring you and to opening the door to a world of smart selling!

Sven Peleman_Cloud Innovation

Sven holds a master in business economics and has more than 20 years of experience in sales, in different roles from sales rep to VP sales. Upon founding his own company in 2007, he started using Salesforce as a customer. Sven immediately saw the opportunities this business platform could bring and decided to become an implementation partner.

Since that moment, his business has evolved into what has become now Cloud Innovation, a leading partner in Belgium. Combining CEO-ship with hands-on consultancy, Sven stays very much involved in all of the innovative projects his team are delivering. Together with his consultants, they are true Trailblazers for their customers!